Mike Redmer

Small Business Owner, Digital Strategist, and Systems Analyst in Boulder, Colorado

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Mike Redmer is an accomplished digital executive, entrepreneur, systems analyst and strategist. He possesses expert knowledge in business development, operational management, UX & UI and product and process design.

As CEO of FleetCreature, he has grown both service offerings and top talent personnel to deliver premier client experiences.

He has worn many hats in his career - systems designer, UX/UI designer, business development consultant, project manager, marketer and digital strategist. He has a proven record of successfully starting, managing and growing businesses; point of fact, he founded a general contracting company at the age of 19, selling it for profit two years later.

As a cumulative result of his professional endeavors, he has developed a unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges.

His app, Rewire, has been featured in Yahoo News, The Guardian UK and Tricycle Magazine among others.

He frequently gives talks about productivity and business systems implementation. He is also pioneering the future of remote work which was documented by Viget at the Boulder Digital Project Manager (BDPM) Meetup in June of 2014.

Mike enjoys making new professional connections and encourages you to message him if you want to talk tech, business or meditation.

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