Mike Rou

Mike Rou, President of M. Rou, LLC, is a recognized expert in planning for the cost of Long Term Care. His personal experiences with LTC made him an avid believer in its benefits. “It’s the biggest favor you can do for yourself, but even more so for your family!” Mike saw the emotional and financial relief LTC coverage gave his family when both of his grandmothers and mother in law needed care. Mike also has a unique perspective, having been part of the medical, pharmaceutical, and LTC arenas for over 23 years. This makes for a comforting consultation with all his clients: individuals, businesses, financial planners, and attorneys. As an independent advisor, Mike’s responsibility is to his clients, not a company. To protect clients’ independence, assets, and peace of mind, he structures programs based upon clients’ medical history, benefit needs, and finances. Educational workshops, seminars and conference calls are available. Contact Mike at 904-505-1541 or mike.rou@ltcfp.net.