Mike Sacco

Mike Sacco is a student in NYU Stern's Class of 2016, and a senior in the graduating class of 2012 at Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He He was elected President of the National Honor Society, Vice President the French National Honor Society, Head Director of the school's podcast, and participates with his school's Academic Teams.

He currently acts as an intern at Sparkology, a fresh and exclusive dating experience for elite singles in America's biggest cities. Mike engages in marketing, product strategy, corporate communications, and research and development projects, and was the master hand behind Sparkology's unique referral model and unexpected rewards system.

He has previously served as an intern at NearVerse, a proximity Internet company and the maker of LoKast. As the head of the LoKast High outreach program for high schools nationwide, Mike lead marketing and development projects to extend the application's reach as well as administered the Facebook page and the LoKast website. Before that, Mike worked in the now-extinct law firm of Darby & Darby.

When he finds himself in a free moment, he enjoys following style blogs, fixing his Linux installations, practicing parkour, traveling, taking road trips, and adventuring; his escapes into the world are often excuses to plan out business ideas.

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