Mike Santucci

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Mike Santucci, is a Boston based drummer whose musicality and versatility has earned him a diverse list of playing credits throughout his career. He also doubles as a solo artist writing acoustic music in his spare time. Mike is always trying to expand his playing and feels you can never know enough, and is alway's learning and trying new things.

As a child Mike could be found slamming on his snare drum his grand mother had bought him when he was just 2 years old. And that had created a monster!! Mike never stopped playing drums after that, and progressed throughout his childhood to play in some pretty popular local bands which lead him on a national tour at the age of 17. Mike had taken time off to join the Marines and while out in Hawaii he met and formed a bunch of guys and started his own punk/ska band, which led to a relationship with punk rockers National Product. After talking music with the band he started filling in for the band members originally on guitar and became a sub drummer before moving to California.

After returning home he met up and tried out for a band called The Becky Chace Band which he drummed for almost over a year until they had decided to turn down the amps and go acoustic. After the break up he tried to get his band Tongue back together which he was the singer/bassist and who had turned down a record contract to join the USMC, but the old boys were no longer in town anymore. So he went out on a solo acoustic tour and played Nationally and appeared on several TV shows and news channels throughout the south eastern part of the US. Right now Mike is drumming in full force for the Gobshites and has been accepted to try a Guiness Book Of World Records for his drumming. Mike trains everyday for this possibility, although the stakes are real high he will put his best foot forward when the time comes. He has also taken part and is blessed to be playing punk rock/rock again with various regional artists!! So stay tuned and keep updated there is plenty more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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