Mike Schiller

I have been in the special events and nightclub business since 1996. I've been with Epic Group Worldwide and Ultraviolet Promotions since 2002. I have helped produce special events, nightclub parties, and red carpet movie premiers including those for Redlight, Live Free Or Die Hard, Holly, Walk The Line, The Devil Wears Prada, IRobot, Phone Booth, and Ice Age; among others. I have also promoted parties and special events at such nightclubs as Lot 61, Expo, Lobby, The Kit Kat Club, Pink Elephant, Sound Factory, Plaid, Show, Arena, Megu, Anju, The Madison, Aria, The Grand, Nell's, N/A, The Plumm, Home, Guest House, Pre:Post, Speeed, Deep, Carbon, Save The Robots, Spotlight Live. Companies I've worked for in the past include Landsdown Entertainment (the Limelight nightclub), HC Entertainment (The Tunnel nightclub), and Jemanda Entertainment (Palladium nightclub) and also Avalon/Spider Club. In addition to working in the nightclub and special events businesses, I have been very active in the Democratic Party over the years, especially with Democracy For America which is the organization founded by Howard Dean to elect Democrats in all 50 states to all levels of government. The organization is currently chaired by Jim Dean, Howard Dean's brother. I write and publish my political articles in print and in various internet publications.