Mike Scott

Melksham, Wiltshire

My names Michael Scott and I have struggled with my weight for years. Growing up I had an issue from when I was around 6/7 years old with trying foods. I lived off sausages , baked beans and fries for around 15 years and was lucky looking back on it not to have had any healthy complications from it. In my late teens I started to gain weight quick and struggled for a while . About 2 years ago I joined my local gym which was renown for body building. I hated it, I hated people watching . I obviously gave up and carried on eating crap and not exercising for 18 months till Xmas eve 2012

Xmas eve 2012

I decided to join a different gym called DC Leisure. A sports Center really with a small gym that was mostly people like me. I started 2 times a week then after a few weeks I was hooked and uped it to 3 times a week. I started to get the mindset that I wanted, I wanted to get the bets from everyday so I researched most nights through books,posts , YouTube you name it i looked lol. I started supplementing and cutting down portion sizes and because my mindset changed I was willing to gradually try more varieties of food. I got an app called Myfitnesspal on my iPhone which recommended me to eat 1700 cals. Great a starting point I thought. But I didn’t know how many calories I burn a day. I invested in a Nike Fuel band to track my every step and at the push of a button I could see if I was burning more cals then i had taking in.

2 months in and 208 lbs

Around the 2 month mark I was getting bored of the same old same old at the gym and it was looking like I was about to quit. I started to watch ufc videos but not of the fights but more of them training. There is a MMA gym in my town called Dragons Lair . A friend of mine trains there and I asked him if he was free to train me a few nights a week in just fitness stuff he would normally do to keep in sharpe. I started 2 times a week there and 2 times a week at the gym. We trained in circuit training and tabata training. I was intimidated at first with the stereotype of cage fighters so I wanted to do it 1on1 after hours (stupid I know). The support I got/get from them was amazing and they even started posting out my pictures to help support me.

As time went on I started doing hill sprints , circuit training and kickboxing. I chose to do kickboxing, I thought to myself that it would will give me something to maintain my weight when im fitter, somet

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