Mike Searles

Writer in Melbourne, Australia

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T-H-E-Y make more money!

SHOCKING -- but true!

Who are they?

People who sell knowledge and information.

Define "more money"

Higher profit margins. Lots of money in the profit margins.

The profit margins for info-marketers is HUGE.

You could be a blogger, writer, author, expert, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or simply an entrepreneur who loves presenting information for a fee.

Bottom line?

If you trade information to a targeted audience for a fee YOU are an information-marketer and are in a business with the highest profit margins of any industry.

Want to sell more information at higher profit margins?

My job is to improve business through writing.

I am a Certified Copywriter in persuasive writing specialising in advertising, marketing and promotions for Information-Marketers.

What that means to you is this: I can write your marketing and sales content and get you a response that gets you better results.

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