Mike Shaw

Mike was born in Compton, California at a young age. His family moved to the Great Pacific Northwest when he was 8 and thankfully took him with them. He grew up in the 'burbs around Portland, Oregon where he learned to climb trees and play outside even though it was raining. He even rode his bike around the countryside without a helmet. (gasp!)

Mike moved to Roswell, NM where he became a broadcaster and jounalist. He even won a few awards along the way. After 25 years as a radio and TV guy in Roswell, Lubbock and Tucson, Mike has now transitioned to "New Media." Everything from web sites to web content, twitter, Facebook, G+ and especially video. Mike is active in his church, the Tea Party and GOP. His YouTube videos have been featured on Glenn Beck, HotAir, Michelle Malkin, Tammy Bruce, Breitbart.tv, Heritage Foundation and many other conservative blogs.

Mike enjoys long walks on the beach, weather, computers, photography and Truth, Justice and the American Way!