Michael Sheehan

I am a father of three, entreprenuer and a friendly guy. I enjoy networking with people and helping colleagues and friends succeed. I have a track record of helping small companies grow fast. I have been involved in many start up type companies. I was co-founder of Alpine Computers, Inc., a professional services/managed services business, and served as Executive Vice President and helped the company grow to $30 million over a 6 year period. I bought a $250,000 training division and helped grow that (Pinnacle Training Corporation) to an $8 Million company. I was co-founder of United Training, a consortium of computer training companies throughout the United States. I provided the seed capital for John Galt Staffing, currently one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Also served as the Chairman of Service Bancorp, Inc., the holding company of Strata Bank which experienced significant growth under my tenure. I am currently owner and active at MORE Marketing Services and Friendly Car Wash where I can help you design your 2011 marketing plan or help service and clean your car. My passion is my family, faith, coaching sports and enjoying a pint with the boys down at Mickey Cassidy's Irish Pub. I am a proud member of the Clover Club of Boston.