Mike Smith

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

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After many years of research and soul searching, I have taken the steps to move into a new career within the games industry. I'm currently in the process of applying for university to follow my passion for the gaming industry and the media that surrounds it. In a digital age where we communicate differently on a regular baisis I am fascinated by the changing trends and how that impacts the gaming industry and vice versa. My passion, enthusiam and drive to suceed and make my mark in the industry is my driving force in life.

When I'm not chasing my dream down, I can be found voluntarily writing for a Playstation based website and experimenting with all sorts of media, be that audio or visual. I also help manage a team of news writers for the website and actively promote the site and build an audience on social media. It's a role I would love to do as a professional and something I thoroughly enjoy. I'm still pretty early in my journey but I have already overcome many challenges.

Come September the next step in my journey begins as I attend University and face new challenges and obstacles. Personally I'm excited about the next step in my journey and the personal stories that will unfold. I can't wait to see the challenges that arise as I drive forward towards my goals.

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    • St. Peter's, Huntingdon
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