Michael Solesbee

Small Business Owner in Corona, California

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This will be a work in progress, as that is how life is. I enjoy time with my family, I have a great marriage with a wonderful wife and we enjoy doing many things together, from snuggling up to a movie, to vacationing and exploring new places and adventures. With 4 sons i enjoy activies with them, whether its some target shooting, or downhill mountain biking, they are fun to hang out with. Religion is a important part of my life and I am active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) and uphold its standards and strive to live accordingly. I served a 2 year mission in Pennsylvania sharing my beliefs with the fine people of Pennsylvania. For some reason, riding off road has always been a activity I have been drawn to, as a youth on a bicycle, to a adult on a motorcycle and a downhill bike, as long as the body will take it, I will still be doing it. As of lately Scuba Diving has been a new interest, its is certainly amazing under the surface of the ocean, so much life to see there, I am looking forward to many exciting dives, more time with my beautiful wife, and more activies with our boys. Life should be enjoyed!