Mike Soucie

Entrepreneur in Boulder, Colorado

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I'm a serial entrepreneur, Techstars alum (Boulder 2012), and an angel investor living in Boulder Colorado. My passions include connected home and electric vehicles (Tesla), beach volleyball, traveling, surfing, mountain biking, good wine, futurist conversations, and living in Costa Rica & Italy.

I'm currently the Product Strategy Lead and Spokesperson for Nest Labs and the 'Works with Nest' Developer Program. I joined Nest in October 2014 when my company, Revolv, was acquired by Google's Nest division.

Revolv was a Techstars Boulder 2012 graduate that raised $7.2 mil led by Foundry Group. I was the co-founder, CMO and Head of Business Development for Revolv.

Revolv's mission was to unify and simplify the connected home, with a vision of turning it into the conscious home that could adapt the home environment around the needs and desires of the family. Revolv created and launched a 7-radio home automation hub that unified and simplified smart wireless devices made by many device manufactures using different wireless protocols.

Previously, I the co-founder and CEO of Electric Rain, a 3D and multimedia software company that enabled Adobe Flash designers to create and integrate 3D into their Flash web sites and projects. I grew the company from a basement start-up to a $2mil / yr revenue company, and licensed its technology to major tech players such as Macromedia, Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft.

My specialties include: Business development and partnerships, business strategy, brand development, marketing, OEM licensing, and is an accomplished public speaker and product / company evangelist.

My skills include:

• Extensive experience and passion in identifying, approaching, negotiating, and managing strategic partnerships and complex licensing deals with both small and large industry software players such as Belkin, Sonos, Philips, ADT, Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft.

• Intuitive ability to consider all stakeholder objectives and needs, and creatively propose unique solutions and deal structures that produce win-win relationships.

• Ability to increase profits through well-planned and executed marketing plans and partnerships.

• Accomplished keynote speaker, presenter, and company and industry spokesperson.