Mike Spaans

Online Communications Consultant, Information Hunter-Gatherer, and Social Media Manager in Zoetermeer, Nederland

I am curious about systems and how things work. To work it harder, make it better, do it faster, make it stronger. And for the kick of fathoming. Per summer 2016 I am available for almost any challenge where I can use my creative and analytical skills to improve organisations.

✓ A quick learner

✓ I love to play with data and language. Preferably in a good lay out.

✓ I am passionate about knowledge. Both the hunt for information, and the transformation to new insights. Essential in this age of information overload.

✓ The internet holds no secrets for me.

✓ I analyse, advise, and assist in the use of social media, websites, and other on line tools.

Introvert (INTP). Listens, without being shy. Speaks, without being dominant. E.g. as chair, presenter or host. I can translates between people who think they speak the same language.

Trained as philosopher and historian (medieval history). Fascinated by nearly everything: language, landscape, health, new media, education. Takes a regular dose of new information, e.g. from TED talks. Or the old fashioned way: books. Likes to think the past is a not-so-faraway place.

Special interest in

✓ working smart,

✓ information management

✓ lifehacking.

Happiness lies in people working better, and processes frustrating less.

Always flexible.

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    • Universiteit Leiden
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