Mike Spanola

Wasn't prepared to write my bio just yet. But here's a quick snapshot. I was born in Chicago on the northwest side of town. Went to Falconer Elementary then Foreman High School. Moved out of the house when I was about 19. Lived with my best friend Gino (known him since we were in kindergarten!) in a few apartments for several years. Moved to London in late Spring of '88 ("Summer of Love" for those of us there). Worked at Limelight. Met some great people (shout out to Walter and Eduardo, my Argie mates). After a while it was back to Chicago where I moved in with another dear friend Heather. Then San Francisco for almost 15 years (just in time for the Big One in '89). After riding high and low on the Internet boom and bust, I left SF for a brief stint with parentals then NYC in late 2003. And that's the story so far.