Mike S Robinson Solar

Hawaii, United States

Mike S Robinson alias Michael S Robinson has a passion for identifying the needs of his clients and providing value to them in the form of monthly savings. Michael's mantra for his clients is, "Putting Your energy costs into your hands." He stated, "The best way we can add value to our customers is to empower them with the ability control their energy costs. Power from the sun is free, but the greatest barrier for our clients is the cost of going solar. We represent several funds in the capital markets totaling over 8 billion dollars of funding. These funds were established to allow clients such as ours to go solar with No Money out of Pocket. We are currently seeing an unprecedented level of adoption as we witness the solar wave rise."

Michael Robinson anticipates several years of growth in light of the fact that only half of one percent have gone solar in the Unites States. Michael started his energy consulting firm when he lived in Sandy Utah. Realizing that Hawaii currently pays close to 35 cents per kwh he was able seize the opportunities that Utah didn't offer.

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    • President and Ceo
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    • Bussiness and Psycology