Michael Kelly

San Diego, California, United States

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a career in a strategic communications firm or public relations agency operating within the Social Media PR niche market.

SUMMARY OF EXPERTISE/BACKGROUND: I possess the right mix of business skills, research acumen, writing/editing aptitude, and social media experience to lead innovation within the marketing department at Rent The Runway. My expertise within social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr) combined with my MBA studies and dedication to professional development have allowed me to acquire advanced proficiency in branding, strategic communications, online marketing, public relations, and media conceptualization. My observation and analysis of influencer created content, social graphs, and scopes of inspiration have allowed me to not only create perceived value amongst followers, but also generate users' overall loyalty, awareness, and positive/negative associations with brands.

  • Work
    • Digital Strategist
  • Education
    • MBA Integrated Marketing Communications
    • BA Business Administration HR Management