Mike Surgent

Hi Everyone, I am a Mechanical Design Engineer who has been out of work for the past year. My company went bankrupt in the heat of the past recession and is currently trying to rebuild its reputation.

I started a home business selling Herbalife products for weight loss and nutrition and have been working for the past month to establish my customer base. I am passionate about health and believe that the processed and bio-engineered food that we are now consuming is the main cause of obesity and disease in the world. In fact 4 of the 10 main killers today; cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke are diet related. If you are looking to lose some weight and improve your health please visit my site at www.mjsnutrition.com and sign up for a free video presentation from Herbalife.

I enjoy helping people and have learned Reiki and have become a Level III practitioner. I work in a Reiki clinic in Woburn, MA on Monday night and Tuesday morning and give private sessions as well.

I work out regularly at my gym and enjoy classes in Kwando, Step and Yoga. I hate that elliptical strider but boy what a way to burn 800 calories in just an hour. Best wishes, Mike