Mike ThreeSixty

Mike Svat is passionate about style, image, and success. He has a knack for helping folks and small businesses create their authentic brand by uncovering the essence of who they are. Working with tools such as web design, photography, video, graphic design, and social media, he uncovers and polishes a full, authentic brand identity.

His background is in Marketing, Advertising and Film Production. He also goes by the name Mike Svat, or Michael Svat. Svat is Hungarian and is as hard to say as it looks. There is no "A" between the "S" and the "V". Even Mike has a hard time pronouncing his last name. That's why he likes 'ThreeSixty.' It derives from his business, 360 Design and Production.

See my other About Me page: About.me/mikesvat for all my Social Media