Mike Tracey

Operations & Market Research Consulting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’m a respected manager with extensive experience leading operations for high-growth organizations and repeated success guiding sizeable, cross-functional teams in the design, redesign, and launch of leading-edge business solutions driving record-setting revenues. I’m an expert presenter, negotiator, and businessperson able to forge solid relationships with strategic partners and build consensus across multiple organizational levels. My combination of skills, education, and experience make me the ideal addition to any team!


-Excellent knowledge of operations from 9 years experience managing two carshare fleets.

-Solid financial expertise and how to build realistic budgets to optimize company operations.

-9 years working in data driven businesses with a proven record of decision making for financial and operations decisions.

-Experience in market research, writing effective surveys to ensure quality answers that are unbiased as well as telephone prospecting, focus groups and interviewing respondents in the field.

-Business Model Discovery- tested business models in the healthcare and carshare industry to ensure a need for products and services.


-Built a national carsharing company as part of the founding team in Canada working with the founder as the company's VP of Fleet Operations.

-Launched Zipcar in Toronto as part of the initial event marketing staff followed by building the company's fleet operations.

How I can help:

Help with your event marketing and market research, company launch, data analysis, financial analysis and operational projects.

Help build a framework for you to successfully validate your business idea with your target customers.