Mike Vanneman

With over twenty years of technology industry experience, Mike’s been a successful senior sales executive for both publicly held and privately funded companies. He has managed sales teams for companies in distribution services, high performance graphics systems, content management, PC sub-systems and SaaS. Mike now leverages his prior experience as a sales executive in running the search firm he founded, TVG Executive Search. Identifying, recruiting, hiring and developing superior sales executive talent is the core of his core natural interests and gifts. He’s built several world-class sales organizations and applies the same focus and intensity in managing TVG EXECUTIVE SEARCH. Mike’s focus is exclusively on the critical positions that “move the needle” for companies: Sales Executive Leadership, Sales Teams, Sales Engineers and Sales Operations. The market focus of TVG EXECUTIVE SEARCH is in Cloud Computing/SaaS, Security and Enterprise Software. In addition to his skill at identifying and presenting top sales executives and building sales organizations for leading companies, Mike is frequently sought out for executive coaching and mentoring. His breadth of business experience and wise counsel continue to enhance the careers of many industry professionals, from CEOs to Sales Executives to college and professional athletes making the transition into a business career. Mike lives an extremely active life as the father of four outstanding (of course he is biased) children. He is a competitive athlete, CrossFit participant, stand up paddle boarder, runner and former college athlete for UCLA.