Mike vy0xb

Hello from Baffin Island in the Canadian High Arctic! I am setting up my ham radio station in the town called ``little mountains`` in Inuktitut along the Hudson Bay. It`s a town of about 1500 residents who mostly hunt and fish for their food rather than buy groceries at the store. This is a traditional Inuit town where alcohol is not allowed according to a referendum they voted on.

My station will have a TH5 tribander soon and a 40m 2 el yagi stacked on top. On another tower, I am putting up a warc tribander yagi to cover 12, 17 and 30m.

For 75 and 160m, I will set up a top loaded vertical and some Bobtail curtails, a windom, a full wave loop and a RHOMBIC on top of the mountains closest to town which should give me a strong and reliable signal since it`s take off point is 750 ft above the street or about 300 meters..

My gear in the shack consists of a K3 and Icom Pro 3 and amps including a Tokyo High Power 550fx and KPA-500.

Catch ya in the pileups!

73, dx

Mike, vy0xb