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Vacuum facial banned in the presence of inflammation in the skin is not clear character, in particular the various dermatitis caused by pathogenic bacteria. It is forbidden to conduct procedures in pustular formations inflamed type pink acne, vasodilatation, increased sensitivity of skin, its thinness and dryness. Rosacea - one of the reasons for prohibiting the holding vacuum cleaning. Any manipulation of the face is not carried out at the common ailments. For example, when cold, an elevated body temperature.

Vacuum cleaning person is a modern and alternative method of cleansing the skin from various cosmetic defects. It is used as an independent method, and quite often it is carried out in combination with the traditional manual cleaning. Cleansing facial vacuum promotes the return of the health of the skin, improves the sebaceous glands and is able to smooth wrinkles. Mike Walden Review

Alas, vacuum cleaning has a number of contraindications. Therefore, before the procedure is desirable prior consultation cosmetologist. Moreover, a good specialist, no matter how many times the session will be held, will always remind the basic rules of procedure.

Why the faces appear dry red spots that do? It is considered that care for dry skin takes a lot of time and effort. On the one hand, dry skin is more sensitive. She needs constant moisture. However, moisten the skin is much easier than to remove excess fat.