Mike Weicker

Student and Computer Technician in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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I have been using computers for as long as I can remember. I built my first computer from spare parts when I was 14 and never looked back. This quickly evolved into my own onsite computer repair business called Weicker Tech Services. I supply personal and business onsite tech consulting, troubleshooting and support. I am a very good communicator and relating confusing computer concepts to clients is my specialty. I am a big people person and like to find ways to teach people how to understand their computer.

I am currently a Computer Science student at the University of Victoria. I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science this year and I look forward to getting out there into the world of software development. My friends and I have recently started developing mobile games in our spare time to get prepared for making software professionally. We are looking to release our first game by early 2017.

I have always enjoyed hockey, computers and gaming of all sorts. My love of gaming often goes beyond just playing and manifests itself in a creative way. I sometimes make mods for video games or create RPG campaigns for my friends. I really like to analyze game mechanics and see what makes them fun or a way to break them. I'm a big fan of creating new mechanics and scenarios for other people to use and interact with. My latest and greatest gaming project is a Game of Thrones themed Magic the Gathering set. It is fully functional and is currently being polished up to be presented to the local Magic community. You can view some of the process on my blog.

I really like helping people come together to share their love of gaming. I am one of the organizing members of the largest PC gaming LAN in western Canada, LANtasy. We host an annual event at Pearkes Recreation Center on a weekend in mid March. For our next event I am co-organizing the classic/indie gaming booth. We will have gamers come and participate in impromptu challenges and competitions on the main stage. We are also showing off indie games from local developers all weekend.

I am also a man of the out doors when I can find the time. I spent my summers in my late teens and early 20's as a camp counselor and take any chance I get to go camping, kayaking, canoeing or rock climbing. I never get tired of gliding across the ocean or standing on top of a mountain to take in the view.