Mike Wong

Oh hi there! Thanks for stumbling onto my about.me! My name's Mike Wong, and I am a #PersonalBranding Enthusiast! In addition to this, I have a strong passion for #PublicRelations and Digital #Marketing. Oh, and that's me on the right. #Music is my soulful passion, and DJing is my creative outlet.

My goal is to start a Personal Branding/Career blog that will help students like myself market themselves both personally and professionally not only in the real world, but within the online world as well! My business model? I start from scratch. I aim to write about the things I learn, apply them to my personal brand/image, and document my successes from them. The result? I aim to land a sweet career in the PR Industry!

I'm currently studying in the School of Communication at
Simon Fraser University, and I have only ONE YEAR left to go!

Other than that, I'm into Project Management. I have organized and executed many events for the SFU Student Marketing Competition, and now I am the Logistics Coordinator for the SFU Intercollegiate Marketing Competition.

So Recruit me! I would love to bring my event planning, project management, and public relations experience to your great
team environment!

Follow me on Twitter, drop me a line, or e-mail me, as I
would love to hear from you!