Mikey Costa-Brown

Mikey Costa-Brown

Story time!

Mikey is a 21yr old Colombian-American who arrived in NYC to become an Actor and Singer early this year.

Adopted from Colombia at 3months old, Mikey's parent's brough him up to Long Island,NY to live out 12 years of his childhood and early adolescent years.

He then moved with his Mother to "Little Ole" New Zealand. He experienced Middle School, High School and College there.

He attended the, 'National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art' (NASDA) in Christchurch,New Zealand for three years (2009-2011). Whilst attending NASDA, Mikey on a regular basis was learning to be a better Actor, Singer and Dancer. Taking Tap,Jazz and Ballet - Learning the different qualities of singing and the importance of really engaging the body, to create a better supported sound. And to open up and flourish as an Actor. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree of Performing Arts in 2012.

Mikey decided to move back to the Big Apple to of course be the best he can be and to make a career out of what he loves doing.

And what place better to do that than, New York City.