Mikey Baumgardner

I'm 16 years old and I live in Louisville, Ohio. My life revolves around music, Lady Gaga, Tumblr, my iPhone, and my computer. I don't have a lot else to write about myself, you could say I'm a boring person. I don't really have a good relationship with people and tend to hate them a lot to be honest. I can be extremely shy, but once you get to know me, I'm really flamboyant and energetic. I can be really funny sometimes, too. I have dreams to live in either New York City or California and to become a famous music producer. I'd like to fall in love eventually and start a family, but with no children, I hate children. You can find me on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram (even though my Instagram account is dedicated to Lady Gaga). That's pretty much it about me!