Mikey Jolly

I'm just a normal, everyday guy who has lived a somewhat extraordinary life. My life started out on 7-7-77 at 12:07 AM. When I was born I weighed 7lbs. 15oz., and measured 21 inches in lenght. I also have 7 letters in my first name. Pretty cool, huh?

I live in Vancouver, Washington which is a neighboring city of Portland, Oregon. When people think of Vancouver they think of Vancouver B.C. It's a decent place to live, but even better to visit especially around the Fourth of July.

I work for a retail grocery chain in the Pharmacy Department. No, I am not a pharmacist that requires too much schooling and I don't have the patience for that length of time. LOL It's a pretty great job (must be if I've worked there for 10 years now, and nearly 15 with the company).

Well I guess I'm done boring you now with this story. More will come. Remember this: Live your life to the fullest, you never know what will happen tomorrow.