Michael Cole

New York City

Meet "Mikey" Cole the founder of Mikey Likes It Ice Cream. He grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, an area revered for being cutting edge and setting trends. It is this upbringing that has allowed Mikey to keep a finger on the pulse of this great city. It is also a passion for innovation that compels Mikey to offer flavors never before presented as ice Cream.

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream combines the best locally sourced ingredients, in NY, and flavors to create a product that is new and refreshing to the food industry. A few flavors we will be introducing are Ice Ice Baby, Southern Hospitality, Jack and Jill, Pretty in Pink, Mint Condition, and Cool Runnings. Mikey discloses, “We’re just trying to push the boundaries on what companies are doing with Ice Cream while building lasting relationships with local business owners, entrepreneurs, and great people. Aside from our seasonal rotation of delectable flavors, we offer customized flavors: you name it, we’ll make it.

In addition to providing a rich and delicious desert, you get an opportunity to improve the life of inner city youth, beginning with NYC and eventually growing to other states. We will be donating a part of each Mikey Likes It Ice Cream purchase to schools. This will help them to facilitate educational and recreational trips on a more frequent basis. These trips will offer a range of topics. Helping the children to explore their limitless options. Mikey measures a man’s success not by how much he makes but how much he gives. He has made it a point to give back to the community.

The reviews and responses thus far are awesome. Through this organic process he hopes to continue in transforming one time customers into loyal supporters.

Join Mikey Likes It Ice Cream now and be one of the first to offer your customers the most flavorful and distinct ice cream available on the market!