Michael Morris

For the past 6 years, I have done freelance graphic/web

design. Primarily focusing on websites and website design,

however, I also accomplished several projects including business

cards, banners, and graphics for various clients. I work from

my home in Pennsylvania where I help my wife raise our three children.

Prior to my career as a freelance artist, I worked odd-end jobs

from factory work, to merchandizing, to grocery store stocking/bagging.

However, throughout my years as a graphic designer, I found

another love which lay in internet radio broadcasting. I co-own

and operate the Uber Radio Network, internet radio station,

running a plethora of shows, managing all the hosts, and

DJing good tunes when I have free time.

Additionally, and finally, I am a two-time published

author of the paranormal. Boo! My first book was

'Haunted Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio' and followed

up with 'Cincinnati Haunted Handbook'. I am currently working

on my first fiction title with hope of its release in the next couple of years.

Thanks for reading about me!