Mike Walsh

London, England, Uk

Hello! I'm Mike, a proud dad who has lifted heavy weights since my early teens and I enjoy teaching others to be strong - men, women and children.

Strength and conditioning lays the foundation for sports as well as enhancing life in general. I've competed successfully in Strongman competitions and overcome injuries, sports and others: I believe physical strength helps develop mental strength and builds confidence to deal with whatever challenges life presents you.

I'm inspired by those who challenge convention and think differently in a bid to succeed: Great sporting examples are highjumper Dick Fosbury who literally decided to turn technique on it's head to jump higher, and boxer, Muhammed Ali, who won, against the odds, with strategic thinking to tactically outwit the great George Foreman.

We can all make small changes for marginal gains and in the long term these often have the biggest impact on our lives. My aim is to inspire such fresh thinking with my clients to improve their physical capability - if you want to develop your potential, please do email me.