Mikhael (MA) Aditya

Jakarta, Indonesia

My Name is Mikhael Aditya. Anything you'd like to know? i was born in Jakarta 24th of August 1997. I love my country, and THANKS GOD, for making me Indonesian.

I like to listening music and i have some idol e.g Katy Perry (KatyCats), Rihanna (RihannaNavy), Jessie J (HeartBeats), Carly Rae Jepsen (Jepsies) and also Lady Gaga (Little Monster), and Taylor Swift (Swifties). As a boy, i prefer female singer to male singer. maybe it's pathetic. But i like a song by its lyrics. not only it's melody or rhytm.

I love to play video games, update my social networking, play some sports like Badminton, Chess (if it's a sport) and i love watching people play Tennis and baseball is my favorite.

i also love photography (FYI, i'm bad at it, but i like it) i love to see some photos of cities, villages, and many more. i like to sing, and as long as i know, i'm one of the most popular singer in my bathroom. i also love movies. i like to watch films. i'm a fan of some movies. like HARRY POTTER! (potterhead) is the craziest one.

i have a lot of friends. i have a trouble in social life. i have a lot of friends, but more likely to be lonely. it's really a disaster. i don't have any best friend. school? ah. forget it. you won't get any information from me about my school. i don't really like people in my school. all reason i'd like to stay in school because score, and routinity. if i'm not going to school, i can't get any knowledge tthat maybe make me a dumb.

by the way, I'm a christian. i don't know about you. I just have to learning about tolerance. Indonesia is mouslim majority. and that's why a christian life not dominant in here. But thankyou for visitingi'm really glad. have a nice day :-)

  • Work
    • student (for 13 years)
  • Education
    • playgroup-graduated
    • primary shool-graduated
    • junior high school-graduated