Mikhail Kokorich

Entrepreneurship in Payerne, Switzerland

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Mikhail Kokorich made the decision to emigrate to the US in 2012 after experiencing considerable success. He established a little aerospace business in Mountain View, California. In keeping with the Dauria brand he established in Switzerland, he also gave this business that name. He created a number of miniature spacecraft via his business and sold a few of his parts to other businesses who needed assistance with other satellites.

Mikhail Kokorich built several other space-related businesses before deciding to form Destinus, such as Momentus, which he and Lev Hasis established in 2017. This business specializes in logistics and transportation for space missions. In order to alter how space was seen, he collaborated with a broad range of other industry experts, putting his stamp on the private space business.

  • Education
    • Stanford University Graduate School of Business