Mikhail Peleg

Web Developer, Project Manager, and Designer in Нью-Йорк, Соединенные Штаты Америки

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A particularly common misconception is the opinion that an existing business doesn’t need a brand. This misconception leads to the fact that companies cease to develop and eventually even lose loyal customers. Probably the only exception to this rule is the production of soda. The rest in no case cannot relax and forget about the importance of timely update your brand. After all, each new generation of customers has their own special values ​​and desires that stimulate the choice of a particular product. For example, now it is impossible to find fancy logos, everyone is interested in a concise design that will be both simple and memorable. How to make such a design? How to make the buyer want to buy exactly your product or service? How to preserve the loyalty of the old customer and win the loyalty of the new? These and many other important business questions can be answered by Mikhail Peleg, a graphic designer, an expert in branding, and just a good person. Having a really rich experience, he is able to please even the most demanding customer. Although Mikhail has 20 years of experience, he did not put an end to his own development. That is why it regularly runs many courses on modern technologies in branding and company development. He knows how to select your product on store shelves, how to separate it from seemingly identical products, how to create a logo, looking at which you will know exactly what products the company produces. In each of his work, he invests not only his knowledge, but also his soul. He takes pride in his every work as his own child. That is why he created his personal website mihailpeleg.ru, on which his projects are presented. Also, this person likes to share his own experience, to show by example how important design is in the modern world. Therefore, on the website you can also find his biography and useful posts for designers. Mikhail Peleg does not raise prices for his work to the immense heights, because in his work he appreciates most of his clients interesting and creative projects. You can verify this by simply going to his website.