Mikhail Peleg

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Art Director in Берлин, Германия

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Mikhail Peleg got his reputation when he learnt to make logos, he experienced childhood in America yet his homeland is Israel. In 1991 being a student in the Academy of Applied Arts Bezalel, he completed the course with the most elevated scores. There are many awards that Mikhail Peleg earned during his career but the most remembered and pleasant was in 2006 from Communication Arts for the fact that he is very diligent with the work he is doing. He began his career in Tel-Aviv and after a while he decided to found a company called PMdesigners. Branding and company recognition are the main fields of work. PMdesigners collaborates with many Israeli companies. PMdesigner`s web site can show Mikhail Peleg`s best works here http://www.pmdesigners.com. Mikhail Peleg`s first priority to show the core of the company he works with through the logo of the company. It is important because it is his style to show the character of the brand he works with. In addition, he uses bright and friendly motives to make it more susceptible for the customers. As an example we can take a look at Shmoopy brand, Kodak Israel, WIZO, Kornit and so on. The main idea is small hidden signs that lead to understandable reference.