Mikheil Samkharadze

Tbilisi, Georgia

I was born on 26th of January, 1988 in the small town of Tchiatura, Soviet Republic of Georgia. After several years in 1991 Georgia gained freedom from bloody Soviet Regime and is still fighting for his choice.
In 90th we moved to Moscow for a better life. As we know now, Georgian people were not ready for freedom and after getting rid of Soviet Union, they started getting rid from each other.. We had a civil war.
We returned to Georgia on in 1999, when the situation was more calmed down. The post-soviet regime was dying in corruption and criminal. in 2003 a new life began for Georgia and for me.
In 2005 I became a student of Tbilisi State University. In 2008 the President of Georgia granted us to study i Harvard University for some special courses. In 2009 I graduated. In 2010 a new era started in my career and life - I was offered to work as a protocol and international relations adviser in the office of the 3rd President of Georgia Mr. Mikheil Saakashvili. I took the challenge, that was not easy but was the most exciting and magic thing that happened to me. The experience and contacts I've gathered through these years are still the basement of my todays works. I became a well-known professional in my field and still the life is full of surprises.

  • Work
    • Tbilisi 2015 EYOF
  • Education
    • Tbilisi State University