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Yo, wassup? This is just a roleplayer account of 4Minute's sexy swag Kim Hyun Ah. Multi chara, I can be SNSD's Taeyeon, F(x)'s Krystal, Chocolat's Tia Hwang, A-Pink's Naeun, 4Minute's Jihyun, or back to be 4Minute's Hyuna.


Verified Roleplayer from @KFCRoleplayers agency.

I am a part of : #CUBEFams #SundaUnited #KaumEtnis

I have so many people that I love, like :

lwh - jiys - tiffy - gyon - minah - jsjoy - biwan - ocil - bole

And my family :

Mom : prkkyngr - socjng

Dad : exoped

Twinnie : vsldeer(4Mforc)

Family with name : O6KBF, Cemara Family

Squad(s) : 4FZ - 6MQ - 5PG - 7AL - 8AG - 6G - 6LG

Official Twitter : @4mkhy

About me that more detail :

Thank you for visited this site, And don't forget to follow me on ROLEPLAYER WORLD too :)

Best regard from, Mikhy<3

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    • Cube Entertainment, in fake world