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helloo welcome to my byf!! pls read all of it, and dm me “fushigi” and one of my kins when ur done!!



this is a list of things that make me rlly rlly uncomfortable– pls dont follow if any of these apply to u!!

•youre ableist/racist/transphobic

•youre against kinning

•youre hatefollowing/spying

•you kin with me

•youre a male over 20 yrs old

•u will ignore my posts

like i said before, pls!!! dont follow if these apply to u!! thank u



these r my kins!!!! dont follow if u (or anyone u know) kin with them pls!! they r all me and doubles make me rlly uncomfortable,,,

my kins (me): miki hoshitsuki, madoka amahane.