Miki Humphrey

Chiropractor in Brisbane, Australia

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Hi, I’m Miki Humphrey, a registered Chiropractor with the Chiropractor's Association of Australia, living in Brisbane, Australia.

I had a fun and varied upbringing which involved lots of travel. I have lived in England, Alaska, Canada, New Zealand and now Australia. Upon settling in Brisbane I established my chiropractic practice in Brisbane city.

I am a total health and fitness geek. I have always loved keeping fit, active and learning everything and anything about the human body. Becoming a chiropractor was the perfect fit for me as it allowed me to help people overcome injuries or health issues and discover how fantastic their bodies are designed to feel.

Prior to setting up my chiropractic clinic in Brisbane city I had worked in New Zealand and Australia. After graduating, I worked with my original chiropractor who had a wealth of knowledge and experience. During this time I was lucky enough to learn a range of unique and wonderful healing techniques which have shaped how I treat my patients today.

When I'm not working I enjoy keeping fit and active at the gym, spending time with friends and family and enjoying good coffee. I still get itchy feet from all the travel I did when I was younger and I love heading away on new adventures and holidays when I get the chance. I treasure my role as a chiropractor and I look forward to assisting others to live the healthiest and happiest lives possible.

My practice is established in the heart of Brisbane so whether you are searching for Sports Chiropractor Brisbane, Chiropractor Brisbane CBD or Chiropractor Brisbane City, I've got you covered!

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