Miki Elipcises

I'm a weird kid. who is into weird stuff. i'm 15 turning 16 later this year. I like screamo and rock and rap. i'm a person who adores sleep and sometimes wants to throw my phone out the window b/c of texts. <.< yah that's just me .I live in NYC current like with a person. My real name's Melissa but i like miki and Elipcises kewl =D so i'm MIKI Elipcises=D MUAHAHAHAH! anywho i thnk zombies are kewl people. matter of fact most things like telekinects and other things are kewl people =D. i hate most things people like, like........Skittles or twitter.TDWP IS TOOO COOOLLLLLLLL. As well as ATTACK ATTACK!,UNDEROATH, IN FEAR AND FAITH.ESCAPE THE FATE.AND MY FAVORITEST BAND That sadly was terminated.......SCARY KIDS SCARING KIDS!!!!!I like japanese music tooo=D big bang.I love anime and other cool shyt.I like sack boy a lot =3 annndd the minons from despicible me one of my new fav movies lke in the history of fancily made movies.....ZOMBIES=cool.
Square enix=COOL

GAGA=KEWL .....and other awesome crap cooooooollllllll lmao so yah You can send me an im on AIM. iMikiz

OORRR MY FAV MSN! : Roxiefever@hotmail.com Or Momoyurisaki@live.com your choice