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gilbert / male / taurus / pan / chaotic good


I am dating Wint @APHRossiya and I love them very much !! <3 My QPP is Kiku @Kagewa and I also love them very much!! They're very important to me so don't follow if you dislike them at all. :)


My current interests are Hetalia, Kill La Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, Undertale, Love Live!, Wonder over Yonder, and Steven Universe. I have more, but these are my main!!


Please do not follow if you :

Ship any kind of incest. If you use such ships to cope then it's alright to follow.

Ship any kind of pedophilloic ships. ^^

Will not see me as APH Prussia or any of my most important identities.

Share any of of my mutual's IDs!!! The list is below

Are against LGBTQA+ people, fictionkin, otherkin, or anything else.

If you have a problem with me please don't hesitate to talk to me about it. I'm a reasonable guy and I see both sides of every argument.Unless, of course, you're being stupid.