Mikke Ripper

music, Writer, and Actor in Los Angeles, California

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After a decade of the hip hop and rap music. The music business of hip hop has changed into a bigger and larger industry of different talent all across the world.​
From the legendary groups like Sugar Hill gang or N.W.A. back in the mid 80's & 90's from artist like 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Nas , Jay-z. The most mysterious question credicts and media wave and wonder is this new sound of music and lyrical word play that began to peak threw the underground scene. Who goes by the name Mikke or better known as Mikke Ripper.

Selling over 10,000 units independently underground and shocking the unground seen with his multy talent and poetic lyrics and smoove voice lady's love to hear. Reaching the attention of underground tv show global city unity network station in Chicago,Illinois becoming the center attention of the tv show. People seem to be so driven with interest of this ambition and talented artist. Most viewers say he very articulate threw his music and pictures. Mikke wants stated in his magazine interview with wped magazine "Don't look at me as a rapper but as a poet and leader". Climbing the scene threw music reaching the crowds attention with his energetic performances. Mikke has came out with so many hit of his album "Westside Story" with his hit video westside story pt.2 which hit the youtube viewers with 15,523 views.​

Mr.Hollywood is what I should call him after doing a great performance in West Hollywood legendary club Whisky a Go Go. Mikke made the crowd very stund with his lyrical style and world play and leader mind state. Hit the radio as 1# on 89 fm KMOJ as a feature on hit song "TATZ & RACKZ" and also making a gust appearance on local T.V. show M.O.A. "Music over all". Los Angeles,CA has made Mikke more than a Midwest rapper but labeled him a universal rapper who travel around as a kid like the legendary 2pac & Ice-T.

Watching the rise of a new star or I must say the voice of the worlds new leader be born in a spot light which will be rise soon.!!

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