Mikkel Inumineq Jørgensen

My name is Mikkel Inumineq Jørgensen, a young Art Director / Photographer currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For the time being i'm employed at Frankly Web, a danish digital agency specialized in dialogue, film and web.

I have a fondness for strict typography, especially the swiss and dutch stuff. Quite contrary to my soft values, I also have a great passion for advertising, you know, the greedy, commercial, expensive stuff - but only if the copywriting is top notch.

My camera is the extension of myself - i love photography. Doing it both private and professionally.

In my relative short professional life, i had the honor of working with clients like Maersk, Unilever, LO, SF, Nordea, The Danish Ministry of Defence, Kristensen Du Nord, Tryg, Toms and Carlsberg. Despite working full-time at an agency, I still do freelance-stuff, so please contact me if you like!