Mikke Ripper

Rising artist and writer born in Chicago's south-side. Fell in love with music after moving to California and following huge hip hop megastars like (2Pac, Dre Dre, Snoop Dogg) and the list goes own. After years of studying the music business and business side of the industry. Mikke Ripper began forming his own label Armageddon Music Group LLC which is short for AMG. landing his first hit single "Forever" on Power92.3Fm , B96.FM From being part of 2015 B.E.T Experience and placed a full article in Twenty4Seven Magazine. The question everyone wants to know is what to expect from Mikke Ripper in 2016. Overnights and longer nights of working own his project The Breaking Point and getting things together with so many guest appearances from some of Chicago's rising stars and even producers. Teaming up with some of the industry's most well respected workers. Mikke Ripper has created a very solid team and can't wait to see what the young rising star has to bring into 2016.

"Without god I don't know how far I would of made it without him." -Mikke Ripper