Mikki Donaldson

Writer, Editor, and Social Media Manager in Mississippi

Mikki Donaldson is a talented content contributor and creative expressionist. The refreshing writer owns the ability to reinvent previously written content as well as collaborate with the stakeholder in order produce fresh articles from the individual's eye, heart and mind.

Ms Donaldson can deliver intriguing, sarcastic or hilarious content, which educates the reader about developing well-being and nutrition news, explain why anyone would want to "go green," or invest in the latest business trends and more.

The crafty contributor's skills generate new readers and potential leads as each article, blog or biography is of insightful, high SEO quality and comes with a 100% originality promise. Of course, nothing leaves her desk before proofreading; checking for spelling errors, grammatical flaws and accuracy, while targeting a limited audience.

In support of the mission to increase visibility and to attract new subscribers, Ms Donaldson is available for ongoing social media support by optimizing email campaigns and regular interactions with subscribers. Content will resonate persuasive and compelling messages for the aligning market to take action.

With 4 years experience as a copywriter, Mikki Donaldson has a clear understanding of the professional writer's guidelines, plus makes effective use of milestones, meets deadlines yet requires minimal management. Feel free to email for consultation.