Mikko Kangassalo

Student in Tampere, Finland

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I am a student at Tampere University, Finland. Recently, I graduated with an MA in Philosophy, and I'm currently putting finishing touches to my other master's thesis in Internet and Game Studies. I also have a Finnish subject teaching qualification for Philosophy, Psychology, and Life Stance Education.

In addition to the minors in Pedagogy, Psychology, and Life Stance Education, I have also managed to gather four additional ones: in Computer Science, Hypermedia, Media Culture, and Media Education. I have also studied Asian Studies and Social Sciences. Additionally, I'm deeply interested in Astronomy, Biology, Cosmology, and Neuroscience.

I tend to characterize myself as a scientific skeptic who likes to write and learn about the world we inhabit. The learning part is done by reading mainly non-fiction and regularly consuming educational content on YouTube, Coursera, and edX. I also enjoy exercising, along with trying to eat healthy and ethically.

(Profile photo by NASA: <http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/scripts/sseop/photo.pl?mission=ISS007&roll=E&frame=10807>.)

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