Tuomas Mikkonen

Helsinki, Finland.

Tuomas Mikkonen

Helsinki, Finland.

Young Finnish lifestyle entrepreneur. Born in Finland - grown global.

Business: Entre- & Intrapreneurship, book publishing, event hosting, marketing


University of Tampere, School of Management. M.Sc. Major: Marketing. Minors: Asian Studies, Japanese language, Business management

Exchange year: International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan 2009-2010

Work history:

Entrepreneur at Northern Realms

Brand Manager in Danone

Financial assistant in Finvera

Marketeer in Trainers House

Other jobs in sales, product quality assurance, teaching, event hosting, etc...

Interest: Traveling, philosophy, reading, fantasy, gaming, sports, improv & stage arts

Life philosophy: Nothing is permanent nor absolute. Best things can be found through balance.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • University of Tampere
    • International Christian University