Mikey Manlapas

Sampaloc, Manila

Good Day People.

I am Jan Miklos Ibangga Manlapas. I want to learn more on things that I could use for my life's progress. I don't intend to slack off. As for my family, I strive hard to prove to the world that I'm my parents' greatest investment and student. Life hasn't been that fair for the past few years, but we're still fighting. We won't stop fighting. As for my friends, I make it sure that I always give them smiles and laughters whenever I'm around. A frown is not my usual public face. I often leave it at home or whenever I'm alone. Their smiles are my satisfaction, so why show them a frown? As for the people whom I've met along the way, I make it sure to leave at least an inspiration or a good memory from me.

Hi, I'm Mikey. I want to drink a glass of chocolate milkshake to all the beautiful places I go to. Travelling is what I love the most. I want to see all the Architectural Pieces of every cultures. Their histories and mysteries. If I can't travel, I would want to spend time with friends on a quite peaceful outdoor spot in the city where I can drink coffee, milkshake, milktea or vodka. Orrrr, I'll spend my day, sketching, writing songs, making covers or if God will allow, play on a gig. That's me, Arts, Music and Travel.

Hi, I'm Miklos. The world won't stop spinning, so why stop dreaming and achieving? Life won't stop giving you challenges if you quit, so why not solve them one by one and move on to the next. God won't let you live if you can't survive living, your only choice is to do it good or do it better.

Hi I'm Mik. Welcome to my page. Feel free to know more of me. See you! :)

  • Work
    • Architect, Designer & Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture