Viktoriya Mikolaev

Dancer in Moscow, Russia

Viktoriya Mikolaev

Dancer in Moscow, Russia

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Hello ! My name is Viktoriya and i am from Russia! My english is fairly good since my mother is from the America. Though please feel free to correct me if i do get some grammar or spelling wrong. Since its hard for me to spell large words in english.

I have Tourette's syndrome and since i am online so much some tics have transfered here but for the most part its all in real life!

I am the owner of @dark.kinfessions, a confession account aimed towards negative venting and call outs.

I love dancing ! I have been dancing in competitions all my life ! I am in ballet dancing.

Here are my main kins and i am perfectly fine with doubles. In fact i love them !

Nozomi Tojo from Love Live!

Cry baby from Melanie Martinez

Lyra Heartstrings from My little pony

Riko Saikawa from Dragon maid

pasword is prontact!!