Mikolaj Marcinkowski

Nyc, Usa

I come from Poland, for the last month. I’ve been living in Spain . I graduated from Mechanical Engineering in University of Technology in Wroclaw . I would like to join your company. I think I will get there new skills and experience and I will have an opportunity to develop myself. I am a hardworking and outgoing person.

I'm interested in differences. People differences, cultural differences, deep differences, shallow differences. And I also find it extremely interesting that in the end people are pretty much the same, wanting to get through life with their hearts as good as they can and their friends and families close and safe. Also, movies, music and some of its instruments, cool hunting, reading, eating, tearing paper napkins apart little by little, taking a bath in hot water regardless of the outside temperature, graphic t shirts and trying to imitate spanish and english accents. When you are young and you live the life you want, you'll meet different people, you'll learn a lot stuff from random conversations with them, they'll notice thing "normal" people don't, you'll laugh about new things, you'll do new things, you'll believe new things, because when you are young you'd want to travel the world and in the middle of that journey called: life...

  • Education
    • Mechanical Engineering