Mikolaj Bien

Student in Athens, GA

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My name is Mikolaj, and well, by my profile picture you can see that I am somewhat of a Polish patriot! I literally love anything Polish from the national anthem to pierogies, which are the most delicious food ever to be made on planet earth. They are fried dumplings, and you can put whatever you want in them, but most fellow Poles put in cheese and what not. I also have a cat named Fifi, and he is the most adorable animal I know. I love him because he loves to snuggle and always begs for you to pick him up so that he can rub his face on you! I really like to think of myself as a person who enjoys the little things in life, such as cats wanting to love you and making and eating pierogies with my grandmother. There is so much in life always concerning the big picture things: what am I going to major in? where should I live when I live college? How the heck am I going to pay back these student loans?! I find it extremely relaxing to slow it way down, and realize my life is not all that scary since I have my Fifi and my pierogies.